A must have when it comes to your scalp preparation before attaching your system. Skin Shield will create a thin second skin layer on your scalp to extend your hold time and reduce and chances of irritation / itching.


Skin Shield is a topical treatment that forms a clear, invisible barrier over the skin. Use Skin Shield to prevent direct and complete contact with adhesives.  Simply dab on the desired amount and smooth onto the skin and allow to dry.


Formulated with polymers that leave a thin film of protection between the surface of the skin and adhesives or glues.  Skin Shield appears clear, dries quickly and has no harsh solvents or petroleum based chemistry.  Skin Shield does not contain parabens or phthalates.  Each 1.3 oz. dab on bottle contains dozens of separate applications.


Ingredients - Artisan well water, power hydro-phile. May also contain water-based fragrance.


'Skin Shield' Scalp Protector

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