What happens in a consultation ?

During a consultation we will answer any questions you may have about wearing a hair system and the process of having it fitting. From there we will discuss which styles and designs are best suited for you and your lifestyle. When you are happy and would like to go ahead with ordering, a template of your scalp area will be created and a colour sample of your hair will be taken for an exact colour match. Consultations are free of charge and there is no pressure to place an order that day.

How does a hair system work ?

The hair system is designed to look as if it is your own hair and the then attached to your scalp using a medical grade glue for up to 5 weeks. Some companies promote a longer attachment time but we recommend no longer than 5 weeks due to hygiene reasons

Do I need a consultation ?

If you were new to having a hair system or an existence wearer but new to The Hair Tailor then a consultation is advised to determine which design is best for you and your lifestyle but if you are an existence hair system wearer or you know exactly what you require then you can simply place your order directly through our website or via email

What is the average lifespan of a hair system ?

This depends on the design of the hair system. As some designs are more durable than others, the lifespan of the delicate systems is up to 3 months and 6+ months for the more durable designs. Aftercare is is very important and following the advice and aftercare given to you is paramount to ensure maximum longevity of your system

Are they water proof ?

Yes they are, so there is no need to worry about getting caught in the rain. Hair systems are also shower and swim friendly although we recommend to only shampoo the system once per week maximum with a good quality sulphate free shampoo and always followed by a conditioner.

How likely are they to come off ?

Extremely unlikely to just come off. Minor lifting around the edges is normal with all hair systems but you will be advised how to quickly fix this yourself or if you need help with this we will ask you to come and see us. Either way, we offer full support at all times.

Can I use hair products ?

Yes you can, we will advise the best products to use on you hair system. We discourage using products that dry the hair out e.g. Matt paste, dry shampoo, shampoos containing sulphates and products that are high in alcohol. Using these will make the hair dry and brittle in the long run, cause colour fade and the hair will loose it's lustrous feel.

What is an M.O.T ?

Maintenance On Top. This is the service that involves the removal and deep cleaning of your hair system, scalp cleanse, hair cut, re bonding and styling of your hair system.

How often do I need to book in for an M.O.T ?

Unless you are maintaining your hair system at home yourself, we recommend having your M.O.T in-house . On average, our customers come in every 4 weeks to have this service although some prefer to come in every 3 or even 5 weeks, this purely depends on lifestyle and personal preference

Will I react to the bonding material ?

The main glues and tapes that we use are of a medical grade standard. One of the them is a water based adhesive and the other is solvent based. Adverse reactions to these adhesives are extremely low. We will carry out a sensitivity test on your skin for the glues that we use if you are new to wearing a hair system and we will carry out a further sensitivity test if you decide to try and even sooner glue.

Will it damage my scalp and natural hair?

No damage to your scalp and natural hair will be caused by the adhesives as they are medical grade. Also, your of hair loss will not be increased.

What is the price?

Prices start at £495 which includes your consultation, template creation, the design of your bespoke hair system along with ongoing support. Prices can increase according to size, hair length and the added percentage of grey hair and or hair colours. Your hair system is uniquely design just for you and your design specs will be kept on record making your future orders easier and faster.